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The Original Fidget Cube

  • Accept no other.

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    Specially designed for restless hands, the six unique sides fulfill all your fidgeting needs. Glide, flip, roll and click your way into focus

    Made with high-quality plastic the original ZURU Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs is strong, durable and safe for kids and adults alike. Beware of fakes and copies

    This top trending toy and viral sensation is a stylish gadget for at work, in class or at home

    Great gift idea for friends or family who can't keep their fingers still

    Available in 8 colors and with accessories such as the ZURU Fidget Prism to fidget on the go


    * This is an affilate product linked to Amazon dot com. There are no additional costs to you by clicking this link. But we may earn a small commission when you actually purchase this item thru Amazon. Thanks!

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