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Giant Loving Bear Puffy Emotional Support Animal

  • Big Ol' Bear Hugs

    Meet Puffy - The Loving Bear.

    Loving Bear Puffy is a plush figure in the shape and size of a male human body, but with the head of a half-asleep bear. What makes Puffy unique and different from all stuffed toys is his human body shape.‍
    Puffy replaces the need for the physical presence of a person in various moments and situations of everyday life, especially during long lonely nights.
    He is the perfect gift both for you and for any loved one who is going through lonely moments, emotional trials, and feelings of emptiness. Puffy is always by your side, even during the moments when your loved ones are far from you—on a business trip or on the road.‍
    ATTENTION! Due to Puffy's human figure and size, it will take some time to get used to him, but we assure you that very soon you will get used to his presence and will only enjoy and cuddle him.
    The exceptional quality and comfort of the materials Puffy is made of make him durable, soft and pleasant to cuddle. In addition, you can very easily change his location and position, because he is very light (weighs only 3.2 kg).
    Puffy is shown here wearing clothes to help you envision what he will look like.  Please note that he will arrive arrive with no clothing of his own and you get to choose how to dress him.

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