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Rick and Morty Clue Board Game

  • Who dunnit?

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    Hey Morty! It's time to go on another adventure and solve the mystery of who stole the plans to Rick's Portal Gun.  Collectible Clue game where you can play as one of 6 custom sculpted pieces - Rick, Morty, Summer, Jerry, Beth or Mr. Poopybutthole.  Travel across the multiverse and other planets featured in the show - locations include Gazorpazorp, Gear World, Purge Planet, Microverse, Nuptia 4, Bird Planet, Citadel of Ricksn Pluto, and Dimension C-137.  Custom illustrated game board featuring artwork from the Adult Swim show Rick & Morty.  3-6 Players | Ages 17+ | 60+ Min Play Time | Made in America.


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