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LastStraw Reusable Collapsible Metal Straw

  • Suck it up.

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    EASY TO USE:  FinalStraw self assembles like magic!  No screwing necessary.  In a snap you have an air-tight straw for your hot, cold, or even lukewarm drinks, if that’s your thing.  EASY TO CLEAN:  Each FinalStraw comes with a telescoping cleaning brush that stores in the case for cleaning on the go! The straw is also dishwasher safe.  EASY TO SUCK RESPONSIBLY:  Traditional metal straws are rigid and bulky to carry. Ours folds up to fit in a case that can attach to your keychain.  It’s TSA friendly too. So whether you’re traveling abroad or to your local cafe, you can say, “no thanks” to single-use plastics or soggy paper straws and suck responsibly with FinalStraw!


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