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Daily Desktop Plaque Flip-Book

  • 50 different plaque messages!

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    FUN & FUNCTIONAL: We get it. You’re kind of a big deal and want your desk to reflect that. Genuine Fred’s Daily Desk Plaque shows off your witty side and alerts your workmates about how you’re feeling.  GREAT FOR ANY WORKSPACE: The desktop flip book contains 50 titles and phrases so there is always one to fit your vibe. Choose from phrases like: Genius at work, ask me about my cats, works for tacos, bless this mess, everyday is casual Friday, and more!  QUALITY DESIGN: Genuine Fred's Daily Desk Plaque measures approximately 8” x 3” x 2” and is spiral bound for easy flipping! Note: includes swear words.  CEO OF THE FUN DESK CLUB: This desktop flip book is the perfect desk accessory for a good laugh! One desk plaque can't cover all you do, so mix it up with these 50 different phrases.


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