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A Shot of Genius Energy Supplement.

  • The best shot you got.

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    Scientifically enhanced with elite nootropics and crafted with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes. Genius is the smart energy and true focus booster. Reach your neuro peak, stay alert & enhance mind IQ. Just crack open a shot, knock it back and BANG! You’ll find your brain awake and your creative juices . flowing.  This shot stacks dopamine activating stimulants like caffeine & l tyrosine with calming nootropic mood enhancers like theanine & blueberry (yielding anthocyanins) for optimal cognitive performance. Sugar free.


    * This is an affilate product linked to Amazon dot com. There are no additional costs to you by clicking this link. But we may earn a small commission when you actually purchase this item thru Amazon. Thanks!

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