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Sloppy Jo's Taiwan

Sloppy Joe 三明治自1930 年代以來是最流行的美式午餐。甜蜜與香味撲鼻的碎牛肉拌可口的以番茄為主調味醬汁.


台灣式的包子, 很柔軟, 令人愉快輕鬆的咀嚼,是難以置信的蓬鬆綿細的麵包卷。

傳統式的包子, 每個都塞滿了餡, 可以邊走邊吃。是舒適的食品也是方便的簡餐, 兩者合一。


Sloppy Joe sandwiches are a favorite American lunch meal popular since the 1930s. They have a sweet and tangy taste, with a savory ground meat filling simmered in a tomato-based
sauce with spices.

Taiwanese steamed bao buns are pillowy soft, pleasantly chewy, and incredibly fluffy rolls. Traditionally, each bun is stuffed with some sort of filling and eaten on the go.


The favorite American Sloppy Joe mixed with Taiwan's favorite Bao Bun. They’re a versatile comfort food and convenient fast food item rolled into one.


Introducing to the new world favorite... Sloppy Pockets!

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原始配方馬虎醬。我們的招牌甜鹹 Sloppy Jo 醬汁。在家製作您自己的 Sloppy Jo's!加肉就行了


Original recipe Sloppy Sauce. Our signature sweet and savory Sloppy Jo sauce. Make your own Sloppy Jo's at home! Just add meat.

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