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Weeny Washer Mouth Shaped Soap

  • Clean that thing.

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    Weeny Washer "Gag Gift". Hysterically funny gift of soap that is shaped like a mouth. So cute in the shower or in a guest soap dish. He will love the 'Weeny Washer'.  We will let you use your imagination. Mouth Weenie Washer comes in a sealed re-usable pop-top can. Most guys know how to open a pop-top can.

    • Pink Weeny Washer is fruity floral with a hint of cherry
    • Purple Weeny Washer is floral berry. People say he smells purply
    • Blue Weeny Washer is Bite me fruity, very popular fragrance
    • Martian Green Weeny Washer is Martian Flower
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