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Genzee NFT Crypto Thing Alex Solis

  • What's an NFT?

    Who knows. We just like this vinyl figure design.


    More information HERE.


    Artist Alex Solis has taken well-known characters and added a weird and even disturbing twist to them. He calls this series “Unpopular Culture” and it will probably damage, maybe even ruin your childhood. However, if you like dark humor, puns, and unexpected twists, these comics are for you.

    Alex also has published the equally wonderous book "The Adorable Circle of Life" A Cute Celebration of Savage Predators and Their Hopeless Prey. You can order this thru Amazon HERE.


    * This is an affilate product linked to Amazon dot com. There are no additional costs to you by clicking this link. But we may earn a small commission when you actually purchase this item thru Amazon. Thanks!

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