Stoner Cat Party Wine, Blunt Crack Pack

  • Wine for your Cats.

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    INCREASED PLAYFULNESS - Catnip based product that helps to stimulate your cat's natural scent for 100% organic catnip and increase their natural romantic desire to play.  IMMEDIATE STIMULATION AND PLAYFULNESS - Catnip and Valerian mix help provide immediate playful stimulation in your cat that is accompanied by 10-15 minutes of wild interaction and followed by a loss of interest in catnip for up to 60 minutes.  EXTRA ACTIVITY - Product likely to create rolling around, flipping over and general increased activity and movement.  SAFE WHEN INGESTED - If ingested, catnip will act as a mild sedative similar to "sleepy time tea" and will provide no harmful effects to your cat. In fact, this may actually lead to a brief moment of sleepy content.  ALCOHOL FREE AND NON-TOXIC FORMULA - 100% organic catnip is non toxic and is not addictive to cats. It is a natural plant that provides stimulation for cats through its scent vs. ingestion.


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