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SmarTube Water Bottle Suck Hose

  • Water Bottle Drinking System

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    This Hands-Free drinking system fits to all disposable standard water bottles and includes an adapter that fits to reusable wide mouth bottles that you might have. Allowing you to drink water while doing any of your favorite activities.  Hygienic and Clean– Our convertube water bottle kit comes with a 40 Inch Drink Tube (1 Meter) to allow easy access to your water bottle, whether it is in your backpack or below your seat on your bike.  Great for Outdoor Activities– This Drink System is perfect for your hydration system backpack and allows easy access to the bladder straw. This drink tube kit is perfect for your everyday life…allowing access to hands free water bottle for running, traveling, hiking or biking.  Put your bottle wherever you would like:With our technology just bite down and suck at the same time on our straw adapter for water bottle hydration tube to allow hands free drinking in our drink tube kit.  Cleaning is fast and easy– Just wash and rinse with warm water and soap. Also our Smartube Water Bottle System is manufactured to the highest international standards. Rest assured that all the products contained inside are made from the best quality materials and ingredients for your safety and well-being.


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