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S'more Flavored Chap Stick Lip Balms

  • Lip smacking S'more Flavors

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    • One variety pack of three 0.15-ounce ChapStick S'mores Collection Graham Cracker, Marshmallow and Milk Chocolate Flavored Lip Balm Tubes
    • Lip balm that helps lips feel soft
    • Graham cracker, marshmallow ChapStick and milk chocolate ChapStick lip balm with classic flavors you know and love
    • Each small flavored ChapStick is portable and glides smoothly over delicate skin
    • ChapStick pack offers comforting, non-tinted and paraben free lip care
    • Easily carry this s'mores lip balm in your bag, purse or pocket and apply daily for healthy looking lips
    • ChapStick 3 pack keeps you stocked with fun s'mores flavors

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