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Rotary UN-Smartphone DIY Cellphone Kit

  • Back to the Dial-up Days

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    DIY Phone Kit from Sky's Edge. 

    • Pocket-sized (11.0cm x 7.5cm x 3.0cm)
    • Light-weight (163g [6oz])
    • Full LTE connectivity. Obsolescence-proof for at least another decade.
    • Access and call your personal contacts perhapsfaster than with a smartphone
    • Use your own SIM card with your favorite carrier's "Bring Your Own Device" option
    • Real (mechanical) ringer bell made gold or silver-coated brass; externally visible
    • Receive basic SMS messages and send pre-typed messages and numeric strings
    • 2 displays: Front-side OLED for caller-ID and dial entry, and back-side ePaper for contacts display
    • Physical disconnect switch for the microphone
    • Mechanical power switch
    • MicroSD card stores contacts list as a text file
    • TRRS headset jack
    • USB-C charging port
    • Incandescent-like indicator LEDs
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