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Portable Travel Soap Paper Sheets

  • Melts in your hands. (not in your mouth)

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    • How to use: Take the soap paper out of capsule. Add a little water to wet the soap sheet. Gently rub your hands to produce foam. Wash your hands with water.
    • Safe & eco-friendly: Made of natural premium quality biodegradable environment material, pure natural plant extract. Safe, without side effects.
    • Portable: The soap paper box size is about 2.7*2.2*0.7 inches. Small ,light and solid. Perfect for travel, camping hiking and all outdoor activities.
    • What's in box: 250 sheet soap paper ( 5*50 sheets). 5 color and 5 different fragrance.
    • Clean & healthy: Keep you and your family clean & health.

    * This is an affilate product linked to Amazon dot com. There are no additional costs to you by clicking this link. But we may earn a small commission when you actually purchase this item thru Amazon. Thanks!

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