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Portable Scooter Suitcase Luggage

  • Scoot scoot.

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    Time Saving and convenient: Using your luggage bag as a scooter, our scooter luggage can save your time to school or tranfer in airport in the most ease way. Just push one button to control the scooter up or down.  Durable:Made of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy,the frame of our scooter luggage is strong and stable. Will bear all the slight rub or damage in accident.  Innovation:Combined suitcase with scooter.Our scooter luggage is an eye catching choice for your travel and school.  High-capacity: 20'' Inch suitcase, you can place your items separately and orderly. You can hold more items while you travel.  Multi-Function:Designed for travel,school,business and all the situation that use suitcase or bag.  Especially in school and airport.


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