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Portable Pee Bags

  • You are free to pee.

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    IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR EMERGENCY USAGE - Whether you are stuck in traffic, driving long-distances, camping, traveling, or any circumstances that may involve limited access to a nearby toilet.

    EXCELLENT LEAK RESISTANCE - Even when the bags are pressurized, the water does not escape from the double super-absorbent resin, providing excellent leak resistance.

    LARGE CAPACITY AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Easy to fold, fits in pockets. Water absorption capacity of 700mL offers more than enough capacity to hold average adults urine output volumes ranging from 300 to 500mL.

    ANTI-LEAK AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Large diameter soft catheter opening and non-slip design makes it easy to hold with single hand operation - allowing both standing and sitting postures.

    SUPERIOR 2X WATER ABSORBENT SAP MATERIAL - Absorbs liquid within seconds. The super absorbent resin contains environmental-friendly materials identical to that of baby diapers using medical-grade, soft, non-toxic, safe, odorless, and non-irritating materials.


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