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Pee Funnel

  • Pee with precision.

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    Prevent urine from splashing while urinating in a stand up position. Thousands of tiny invisible urine droplets can splash back on the floor, towels, cups, toothbrushes, walls, and on your shoes and pants while peeing. Splashes of urine droplets cause bad odors and various breeds of germs that threaten the health of your family.  Made of Strong and Durable Quality plastic material built to last. Specially designed in U.S.A using ergonomic principles suitable to be effective in it's use. Made In Korea with top-notch engineering and quality to its standards.  Comfort and ease of use.  Easy to Clean. Simply rinse with a cup of water thoroughly after each use.  Smart Pee Pee helps to make a much cleaner environment for you and your family.  No more splash. No more germs. No more odor.  


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