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Hot Dog Toaster Roaster

  • Pop goes the hotdog.

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    Great tasting hot dogs: toasts up to 2 delicious, regular-size or extra-plump hot dogs and two buns at the same time. Cord length : 34 Inches.  ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Adjustable toasting timer and stop toasting button allows you to toast your hot dogs to your preferred doneness.  HOT DOG CAGE & TONGS: Keep hands safe when removing hot dogs by using the included hot dog cage and mini tongs.  DRIP TRAY: Slide out the drip tray when done toasting for easy cleaning.  CORD WRAP: Wrap the appliance cord underneath the base of the unit for tidy storage.  WORKS WITH OTHER DOGS: Also works with pre-cooked chicken dogs, turkey dogs, veggie dogs, sausages and brats!


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