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Giant Hand Shaped Plastic Chair

  • You're a handful.

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    Just like the chairs at our Stupidiotc retail stores. It's surprisingly  comfortable to sit in. The chair is very durable and made of thick plastic (approximately 3/8” thick). It can be used outdoors or indoors and can easily support 350+ pounds.  The plastic is solid colored all the way through. UV light resistant and will not fade or peel.  If using the chair outdoors it easily cleans up with windex/fantastic or any non-abrasive spray cleaner and can be left outside year round in any climate.

    The dimensions of the chair are approximately:

    • Base to finger tips (Height): 32"
    • Base: 19" x 19"
    • Width & Depth: 25" wide x 22” deep
    • Seating area height: 17”
    • Seating area dimensions: 18” x 14”

    The weight of the chair is approximately 27 pounds. The color of the chair pictured compared to the actual chair can vary slightly due to different computer monitors and different batches of plastic. Check out what's currently available HERE.


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