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Flyte Levitating Floating Light Bulb Lamp

  • Bright idea.

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    Magical Levitating Desk Lamp. This Edison-style levitating light bulb hovers in the air above the beautiful wood stand to create a soft, glowing magical experience.  Innovative Floating Light. The Flyte levitating LED light bulb uses magnetic levitation powered by electromagnetic induction, and keeps it floating steadily above the wooden surface. It also ensures it stays safely in place during operation.  Premium walnut Base Stand. Beneath each levitating bulb is a high-quality walnut stand that adds style to your desk lamp. The strong, square base also helps the LED light maintain its stability while it hovers just above the top.  Long-Lasting, Energy Efficient LED – We use an ultra-bright, 60-lumen LED light bulb that’s rated for 50,000 hours of use, which means it can provide up to 11 years of lighting when used at 12 hours per day.


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