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Chloroform Candle

  • Wake up.

    Does this candle smell like chloroform to you?


    CLICK HERE to get this via Etsy.


    Each candle comes in a plain brown paper bag sealed with an evidence label to keep the evidence free from contamination.

    9-ounce amber glass jar with gold lid.
    Height: 3.6 inches
    Outside Diameter: 2.81 inches

    We use high quality fragrances, and we use a soy wax blend recipe that we have created for a better scent throw.

    These candles do not have:
    paraffin wax***
    UV protector***
    Fragrance Modifier***
    Or any other hidden chemicals in them.

    ***The chemicals above can cause headaches, migraines, liver damage & more, why we refuse to use them.
    *** Note: not using a UV protector can make the wax change to a yellow color, but these candles are meant to be burned and smell great and not used for decoration.

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