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Caffeine Glass Beaker Coffee Mug

  • Caffeine!!

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    Thicker and More Durable Glass 3 mm - beaker coffee mug more durable glass mug. The crystal clear glass have 3 mm thick. You can safe use your science mug with measurements and don't worry that she might break.  Unique Science Coffee Gift - Caffeine beaker mug with metal spoon and gift box is a great gift for anyone who loves science and chemistry to teachers, professors, students, researchers, etc.  Ergonomic Handle. Huge light weight durable glass beaker mug and very comfortable handle for the 3 big fingers , safe to hold in hands, even larger hands will be able to use it. Size handle made comfortable form which protects people from hot touch to coffee mug.  Measurement Labels don’t wash off. This laboratory mug can be safe used for microwave heat up and also for the use in dishwasher. Wording scale and chemical structure doesn’t washed off after dishwasher.


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