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Acrylic Stackable Magnetic Sneaker Shoe Displays

  • Cubicles for your kicks.

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    Great Space Saver shoe box organizer is a great for organizing your shoe collection and maximizing storage space.  With over 13.7 inches length, 10.6 inches wide and 8.2 inches tall,the box provides enough space for almost all shoe types. Shoe organizer can hold up to a men’s women’s size (14). These shoe storage boxes are big enough to accommodate most shoes without squishing or damaging its shape, it’s ideal for flat shoes but also fits other styles depending on their size.  Side Open Door Provides Rapid Access compared to normal shoe boxes that have a top lid, the side lid gives you easy access and you can take out your shoes without removing the box from the stack.  It comes with a big air hole on the drop-front door which functions as a handle, so you can easily put your finger in it and pull down the door to open the box. The see-through front cover helps you to see what shoes you have available, so it easy for you to take out and put away shoes!  They can easily be stack up in your closet to avoid cluttering the floor with scattered shoes. The flatness of the box makes them easy to fit under beds, on the shoe rack, in the bathroom, and all kinds of other places.  Superior Quality. Easy to assemble.  The ventilation holes of the box allow air to flow throughout,preventing smells from lingering.


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