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Black Bar Glasses $10.00
Be "UNSEEN" wearing these Stupidiotic Black Bar glasses. On their own, Black Bars appear to be ridiculously silly looking sunglasses. In a social setting, they instantly become the life of the party. Inhibitions fade away. You're immediately popular with the "IN" crowd. Others will wonder if you're famous or dangerous. Stupidiotic Black Bars look and photograph just like censor bars. Perfect for Bachelor Parties, Wedding Parties, Party Parties, Club-Hopping, Questionable Behavior, Risque Situations, Perp-Walks and Mug Shots. Let the paparazzi take their best shots. You'll always be the talk of the town when you're wearing Stupidiotic Black Bars. Great for webcams and MySpace photos.

amzing product!!! this is one amazing, truly amazing product!!! i like this product 'couse it's amazing!
These are great! I bought 18 for our wedding party. They really do photograph just like censor bars.
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